English summary

The former duchy of Oldenburg is situated in North-West Germany. It covers the region between the North Sea and the Dammer Berge and between the Weser and East Frisia. It’s an area with a diverse landscape and a multitude of cultural monuments.

Guided tours are available for all those visitors, who would like to get to know more about this region and its culture – on foot, by bike or by bus.
In cultural tourism guided tours play an important role. No one is in a more direct contact with the visitors than the one who accompanies and guides, and no one can respond more directly and professionally to suggestions, questions and criticism than a qualified tour guide.

“A good guide will be remembered – and a bad one, too!” Therefore, the OLDENBURGISCHE LANDSCHAFT, in cooperation with the LÄNDLICHE ERWACHSENENBILDUNG (LEB), an adult educational organization in rural Oldenburg, started a joint programme to qualify future tour guides in 1987. Having successfully taken part in this programme these tour guides receive a certificate labelled „Gästeführen mit Stern“ (guiding guests with a star*) and are entitled to wear a pin with the green logo „G*“.

Since 2009 these tour guides in the Oldenburg region have all been members of the ARBEITSGEMEINSCHAFT KULTURTOURISMUS, the Association of Cultural Tourism. Objectives of this association are:

– to enable the tour guides (or tour guide groups) from different areas within Oldenburg to cooperate transregionally
– to support and assist its members in public relations and
– to offer qualified courses for future tour guides as well as additional training and education for qualified guides
– to ensure the high quality of tours.